Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy!

It's Melissa here, stealing a quick moment to show off our newest treasure. We just love our blonde-haired, blue-eyed miracle. Thanks for your continued prayers for Baby Davis. Here is a brief update, some quick pics, and then we are headed back to the NICU.

I was discharged from St. Luke's yesterday afternoon and moved into a hotel-type hospital room for moms whose babies are still in the Intensive Care Nursery. The room is $50/night, and while I no longer receive nursing care, I am blessed to have a place to stay just a few doors away to visit Davis around the clock. I am able to walk around a little better today, but divide my time between resting, pumping milk, and holding a tiny boy's hand.

Jeff is hoping to be able to hold Davis for the first time sometime this evening.

Davis Jarrell Griffin, just before they took him to the NICU - before the tubes, etc. He was just a few hours old.

Our first visit to the NICU. His breathing was labored, so we were unable to hold him, but his blonde hair was all dry and fluffy.

We finally decided to let Jack see him. The nurse was kind enough to lift him up for a photo with Big Brother. Davis wasn't exactly thrilled, but Jack was fascinated by his new brother.

Big helper

Precious moments as a family. Jeff and I will never forget it.

Taken last night, around 3:00 am

A special milestone! Mommy gets to rock baby Davis at 6:00am this morning. I did not want to put him down.

As you can see, these hours are precious and few with our newest little Griffin. The time away from Mommy and Daddy is proving to be hard on Jack Everett so we are doing our best balancing it all.

Healthwise, we wait for Davis to reach a few specific markers - holding his own body temperature, receiving and digesting all feedings by mouth, maintaining a stable respiratory rate and oxygen level, gaining a certain amount of weight... and a few others.

We feel so blessed. He is one of the biggest and healthiest babies in the Unit, and his chest x-rays look more clear every day as the fluids are absorbed. We are encouraged as we have watched several of his little roommates go home with their Mommies. We are confident that his stay won't be long. We appreciate your love and prayers and can't wait to bring our little one home.

Thanks for understanding that we are not keeping in touch as much as we normally would. We have seen and appreciate your calls and messages, but we just don't want to miss a thing. Thanks for checking the blog for updates as they come.


lblovetosmile said...

Davis looks PERFECT! He is absolutely beautiful! Congrats on your newest addition. I can't wait to meet him AND give mommy a gentle hug for a job well done! Let me know when your up for a visit or if you need anything, I'll be glad to swing by and help out in any way that I can.

Love, Lori Rabe

cristina said...


your brother called to let us know the baby had arrived...."oh, yeah, i knew that." these men--when will they embrace this awesome blogosphere!?

it has been an honor to pray with you and for you throughout this pregnancy. thanks for sharing your life with us!

can't wait to see you all!

ren said...

He is too cute! And Jack obviously adores him! Will be praying for that balancing time with the two boys, it certainly is a challenge! Glad to know you're walking around a bit better too.

Joanne said...

Davis is so beautiful and those sweet pictures of him with Jack are touching. I'm so glad you can stay with him and hold him. He looks strong and has great color. Don't hesitate to call if you need anything at all. Hugs to the entire family!